The mystery of the legendary Bermuda Triangle of All Time

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Bermuda Triangle’? Surely the most unthinkable is the mysterious sea, the ship and the plane lost without a trace, a dangerous sea and so forth. Bermuda Triangle Mystery is always interesting to be revealed and traced more deeply because it is legendary all the time. Because so togel hari ini many of the victims of ships or planes disappear without a trace, the area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle is often referred to as the Devil Triangle. Bermuda Triangle is an ocean region located in the Atlantic Ocean with a total area of ​​1.5 million mil2 or 4 million km2. This ocean forms a triangular line with the territory of Great Britain in the North, the Puerto Rico region in the South and the region in the West is Florida.

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The term Bermuda Triangle first appeared during the cruise of Christopher Columbus in his sailing record. On the note it was written that while sailing past the Bermuda Triangle, all of Columbus’s navigation tools suddenly could not function properly and right then, one of the colombus crew admitted to seeing a strange bright light on the horizon and some of the other crew said seeing a light like a meteor . In 1951, an Associated Press magazine writer named E.V.W. Jones writes about the loss of aircraft as it passes through the Bermuda Triangle region and the news becomes the first documentation of the region. Since then, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has become a legend totojitu from time to time that has never been revealed with certainty even though many experts have mentioned the theory about it. (Read: 4 Mysterious Cases that Never Break apart All Time)

The Mystery of the Legendary Bermuda Triangle of All Time – 1

Various theories about the Bermuda Triangle mystery many emerging from scientific theories, myths, legends, mystical things and so forth. However, a well-known and more logical theory is the scientific theory of the presence of methane and the whirlpool proposed by the U.S Geological Survey in 1981 as the cause of the number of accidents occurring in the region. This theory states that in the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle sea there is a large methane gas mine and make the water glow white at certain moments. The mine can explode suddenly from the cracked seafloor and sweep whatever passes through the area, then disappear without a trace as the remains of a destroyed ship or plane are sucked in a whirlpool and sink to the seabed.

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However, there are also connecting Bermuda Triangle mysteries with metaphysical and unreasonable things such as UFO bases, sea monster nests, demon houses and others. Based on the old literature, the area is a nest of mysterious ancient creatures because it overshadows the Sargasso ocean that is said to be the habitat of giant animals. In fact, there is a literature that says that in the 16th century, Olaus Magnus create a map of the ocean called Carta Marina which explains the existence of sea dragons at the base of the Bermuda triangle and often attack the passing ship.

The Mystery of the Legendary Bermuda Triangle of All Time – Bermuda Scuba Diving

However, behind the many versions of the Bermuda Triangle mystery, the region is home to the world’s finest dive sites due to the abundance of shipwrecks that have shifted and formed many beautiful coral reefs. Recorded there are approximately 300 shipwreck shipwrecks that become coral reefs in the seabed. Some of the beautiful and famous poker88 coral reefs come from the Cristobal Colon ship, which is at a depth of 16 meters beneath the sea, the vessel L’Herminie which is at a depth of 10 meters, the ship Mary Celestia at a depth of 16 meters and many more other ships.